Our collection of Artisan tiles are handmade ceramic tiles that can bring a one-of-a-kind mix of colors, textures and patterns into your next project. Masterful artists carefully form or place clay into molds, add embellishments and apply the glaze(s) — all by hand making each tile unique.

Like several of our offerings, artisan tiles are often described as “perfectly imperfect” – no two tiles will ever be the same with color pooling and variation both of which lend to its beauty. The Artisians who create handmade tile trim the excess clay from tile molds by hand. As a result, the edges aren’t perfectly straight and instead feature slight irregularities. These irregularities give character and interest to even simple shapes and colors. Similarly, the surface of handmade ceramic tiles is slightly uneven. Handmade tile may undulate (rise and fall) or feature irregularities in the texture.

Handmade tiles offer unlimited choices for unique designs and intricate patterns. They often have the same benefits as mass-produced ceramic tile, meaning it’s durable, low-maintenance and suitable for a wide range of applications. We have the largest selection in the area of specialty tiles and offer many exclusive lines of handmade tiles found only at Bella Tile & Stone. We invite you to the showroom to explore all the possibilities!

Tile Artistian

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