Our cement tile collection brings color and pattern to any space. Cement tiles have had a long history in the design world, first appearing in Catalonia in the 1850s. Their beauty and versatility was immediately noticed as they made their debut at the Paris International Exposition in 1867 and soon spread across Europe. Their production did not require energy expenditure, which meant they did not need to be baked in an oven or fired in a kiln, making them extra appealing during the time. These durable tiles quickly made their way into the most grand palaces and ornate buildings of the world, used on both floors and walls. Today, cement tiles are still extremely durable, and the original non-kiln practices continue making them an environmentally friendly choice. Each tile is made by hand and many patterns can be easily customized to the color combination of your choice. We have a large selection of cement tile options from the traditional square shapes as well as many other interesting sizes and shapes like hexagons, triangles and scallops.

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