Designers and architects are once again showing that with a little creativity, old trends can have new life — proving that design ideas are never gone for good, just dormant. This time it’s Traditional Design where new life is being given to time worn tumbled stone floors, skirted sinks, parquet and painted wood floors being utilized as key design elements. These traditional elements are part of the “in crowd” once again. Within these reimagined elements, designers and architects are utilizing warmer tones, darker woods, more organic lines, and a bit more whimsy than in years past.

Traditional Marble Floors – Versailles Pattern, Octagon Shape & Cottage Stones

It’s not just checker board floors that are back with a vengeance. Juxtaposed to the very bold marble veining that has been prevalent in design the last few years, softer tumbled and antiqued stones are making a comeback. The use of a more raw natural stone still adds elegance to any space, but in a more casual and organic delivery than their polished counterparts. In particular we’re seeing the Versailles and Octagon + Dot patterns make a come back in entries, living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. In addition, we’re seeing that checkerboard pattern flooring is increasingly made up of tumbled stones giving a more time-worn look and feel.

Skirted Sinks

We weren’t sure we were ready for this to come back… but skirted sinks and fabric lined cabinetry add warmth, hominess, and a touch of charm to any room and pair perfectly with the more detailed interiors we’re seeing surge in popularity. These extra touches of fabric harken the feeling of a cozy cottage in the countryside. To add a twist, decorators are pairing this old idea with lively wallpapers and bold marbles, giving it a cool factor that we didn’t expect.

Warm Tones/Dark woods

While white oak and bright white walls will always have a place in our hearts, we’re seeing so much dark wood and moody painted rooms these days that we’re being swayed. In contrast to the coastal vibes we’re all familiar with, darker hues create a sense of intimacy and peace. In furnishings, paint, art, and tile, we’re also seeing the return of warmer hues. To ease us into this big shift, we’re seeing a good mixture of warm and cool tones in most applications. Goodbye millennial gray – finally!


Another trend that has resurfaced has been murals, but this time in the form of wallpaper. Rifting off the beauty of the exclusive de Gorgnay hand painted Murals, many wallpaper lines are serving up some beautiful mural options. We are seeing them placed in dining rooms, hallways, stairways, and bedrooms proving that what was once reserved for the most formal of spaces is now back and more versatile than ever.

Parquet & Painted Wood Floors

Rounding out the collection of classic design that is being reintroduced to the masses is parquet floors and painted wood floors. Great for kitchens, dining rooms, entryways and hallways, these beauties deserve a reboot and we are thrilled to see them back in the mix.

These are all great examples of how traditional design has made it’s way back into todays design aesthetic — what’s next? Who knows but we are here for it!