We LOVE Penny tile because it can be an inexpensive material that is very customizable, and is very popular beyond the typical use on a bathroom floor. Its flexibility in design can give any project a high end feel — the options are endless and can work with so many different design aesthetics.

If you’re not already familiar, these are circular tiles roughly the size of real pennies.  They were popular in homes across the country in the early 20th century which is why you’ll often spot them in historic homes, or in homes where people are trying to create a vintage feel.  Many home owners use colorful patterns or black and white designs to bring that vintage feel into their spaces.

That doesn’t mean this tile style only works if you’re going for a retro feel, though. Choosing a single color of penny tile can deliver a clean, minimalist look.

On the other end of the spectrum, choosing a range of colored penny tiles and arranging them in interesting patterns delivers a powerful punch to any space.

With the popularity of penny tiles comes a new variety of materials beyond your typical ceramic – we are seeing marble, glass and metal versions which all give a different look and feel to a room.

Using penny tiles in todays design aesthetic includes any wall or floor in the bathroom – or if you are really adventurous putting penny tiles on every surface in the bathroom from floor to ceiling! Beyond the bathroom, we are seeing penny tiles used in creative appilcations as an accent or a wainscot, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, stair treads and more. The flexibility of the mesh mounted backing also allows for creating some dramatic looks playing off the curves of the space.

A fun way to utilize penny tiles that has also been trending is creating fun words or phrases out of penny tiles. Often seen in bathrooms, entry ways, laundry rooms, dog showers or fireplace hearths; it’s a unique and artistic way to express yourself and the vibe of your home.

Whether it’s marble, ceramic, glass or metal, we’ve shown that the penny tile is a great option for basically any space in your house. Your installer will appreciate the easy installation of these mesh mounted sheets, and in the case of ceramic or porcelain versions, you get a high end look for not a lot of pennies….the other kind!