Move over “Modern Farmhouse” — “CottageCore”Design is the newest aesthetic to take over the design world.   A little bit rustic, a little bit romantic, and a whole lot of charm–it combines French Vintage, Shabby Chic and rustic elements to create light, bright, airy spaces that are inspired by nature.  Think cheerful and overgrown English gardens, wood and antique furniture and weathered natural elements, along with smaller, less open spaces to create a cozy, warm and inviting design that makes you want to never leave!

Historically this design was typical of smaller cottages that wanted to appear more spacious. Nooks and crannies are common in cottage design, both to offer space-saving storage as well as perches to sit and relax. 

Farmhouse style tends to be very white and washed out with a lot of grey color palettes.  CottageCore design replaces that with soft pastels and neutral, earthy shades. You might want to stick to neutrals throughout, with warm-toned walls and furniture, or add color by painting cabinets in pretty shades of pale pink, blue or green. 

Calming Neutrals with Pastels Create a Modern Cottage Design

In terms of tile as it relates to Cottage Design, while white is the foundation of this aesthetic, it’s combined with lots of pastel and nature inspired colors mixed in — Light neutrals, soft pinks, blues and greens, and sepia tones all set the mood for the tile in a rustic cottage look.

Another key aspect to Cottage style is the use of patterns – floral, plaids, stripes – and we encourage you to utilize them all, and all together!  When it comes to pairing patterns there aren’t any set rules, so choose whatever speaks to you and makes your space feel cozy. You can easily work in new patterns with accessories and upholstered furniture, or really go for it with tile or wallpaper – or both!

Personally, and go figure, we’re partial to incorporating florals through tile. Using handpainted Terracottas, porcelain patterned tiles or hexagon/penny round mosaics to create amazing floral options in any space. You can then add more patterns or colors through wallpaper or paint.

Here are some plaid tile installations that are so fun. If keeping it neutral, add in pops of color through accents like hand towels, artwork etc.

Below are some beautiful examples of Cottage Style Design – kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways which all give you a better idea of the overall look and feel – and how to mix and match styles, colors and textures.

Because there are so many design asthetics combined to create this look – there are many ways to acheive the Cottage Core Design. As long as you include a neutral color pallet mixed with warm saturated tones, a mix of cozy and very comfortable old and new furnishings and accessories, and bring natural elements in like wood shelving, beams, and/or pops of antique furniture, you’re going to achieve the look. Add in the right finishes and textiles and it’s a perfectly imperfect!