Summer is going to be here in a hot second (pun intended) so what better way to get excited for our favorite time of year than to find inspiration from some beautiful pool houses. While not all of us are lucky enough to have a pool or a pool house, it’s fun to dream.

A great pool house will make your home feel like you’ve escaped to a fabulous resort for vacation. Complete with an unobstructed view to the pool itself, a space for relaxing, an entertainment area, a well thought out bathroom and maybe even a kitchen — it’s easy to never want to leave the pool house!

No matter what your design asthetic is there is a great way to design a stunning space for friends and family while keeping it practical for how you plan to use the space. For this article, we focused on the interior design — we know there are so many gorgeous exterior designs to choose from too – but we’ll save that for another day.

One of the most important things to consider when creating your pool house is the flooring – guests will be coming into this space with wet feet, bringing water with them. You want a floor that is slip resistant and holds up well to the moisture being tracked in. We’ve helped design pool houses laid with stained concrete, stone, terracotta and wood look luxury vinyls. All of these are great options that will help avoid injury and look good at the same time.

The pool house bathroom can be a fun area to be a little daring – from patterned floors to a great wallpaper. Practicallity should also be considered by using materials that will hold up during the winter months and to the wear and tear the space will take on when it is in use. The best pool houses remember to supply plenty of towels, suntan lotions and potions, and good toiletries for your guests to use — just like your favorite hotel. Another great addition to the pool house bath if space allows would be a urinal for all the boys and men in your life — avoids the cleaning of the floor around the toilet and with wet feet could be a real life saver.

We see all sorts of creatively themed pool houses from beachy to rustic, and creative ways to make the space a guest house as well as the pool house from murphy beds to lofts and bunk rooms. We are also seeing lots of smart storage spaces including repurposing old lockers. Use of indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs help maintain the furniture, and as mentioned above, smart choices for flooring keep moisture issues and slipping injuries at bay.


Whether you’re thinking about building a pool house or just dreaming of what to do when you win the lottery, we thought these rooms would inspire and get you fired up for a great summer – enjoy!