While marble is synonymous with grand, storied luxury and it’s been used in palaces, museums and many other famous buildings and institutions that go back centuries, we are seeing creative ways of using marble that give it a more modern, updated feel. Home designers and architects have been embracing a dazzling range of colorful, boldy veined marbles in their creations not only in the kitchen but in all corners of the home and we are loving all of the innovative uses of all variations of marble.

A Checkerboard Floor in Brown and Black Marble – breaking away from the traditional Grey & White

From the bold and colorful Calacatta Viola in it’s purple or burgundy veining to green and blue marbles, it becomes a statement on its own and is well beyond what you’ve been used to seeing when it comes to marble over the last couple of decades. From textured marble to innovative ways to use the material that haven’t been done before, we are going to take you through the latest marble trends.

One of the biggest trends in marble is “fluted” and dimensional stone – whether on a fireplace surround or a bathroom vanity, it’s texture is what makes this stone so special. While it can have a modern vibe to it, we also see it working well with classic design mixed in.

We are loving the idea of trimming out walls and archways with marble – it’s such a beautiful look and a clean finish no matter what your design aesthetic is – it works!

Ever seen a marble trimmed mirror? Well you have now – they are so pretty and can bring the whole room together.

If your budget allows, stone tubs are a great addition to your special bathroom. They are being made in all sorts of stone materials and shapes, and again whether your style is traditional or modern or somewhere in between, there is an option for you.

Another trend we are just loving is a curved marble backsplash – both in the kitchen and in the bathroom – it sounds boring but the way they can create almost any shape really brings interest to the space.

Marble has been a part of kitchen design for as long as one can remember – but some of the newer uses of the material including marble hoods, full backsplashes with shelves, and using colored marble on islands all make for spectacular kitchen design.

Floating vanities made from bold marble or just a thick marble slab top are another big trend and they are stunning. We love how they create a statement piece all on their own.

Last but not least, we cannot ignore the design of a good marble staircase – so many ways to bring an entire house together by utilizing this as show-stopping centerpiece of your home.

These bold, creative ways to incorporate marble into your home bring a stunning and updated feel to any space regardless of design aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and remember, this isn’t your Mama’s marble!