Brass and Silver metal inlays give a lot of WOW factor wherever you decide to place them. Inlayed in natural stones, cements, terracotta and even wood – you just cannot go wrong. Let’s explore the world of metal inlay tile and how they can glam up just about anywhere! While it sounds really bold, it can also be a really soft, quiet way to dress up a wall or floor.

Probably the most common way you’ll see metalics used is in natural stone mosaics – so think marvelous marble. Used in kitchen backsplash features, vanity walls, bar areas and even full shower walls – the metal is laid in between or around the marble to create an absolutely beautiful effect. People often think that it’s marble tile and grouted in a gold metalic grout – but it is not – it’s brass inlay.

Polished and brushed chrome are also being used in the same ways often seen with glass and natural stone. When brushed chrome is inlaid it gives a softer feel, polished a more modern feel.

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Another way we are seeing the use of brass is in cement and also terracotta tiles in various sizes from 4x4s to 4x8s. Such a fun way to incorporate a pop of shine and glitz to any room – and you can do it in a subtle way that will not date the room 20 years from now.

The third and probably our personal favorite is inlaid into wood. I mean, it couldn’t be more stunning! Set within a French Engineered Hardwood from our specialty Tabarka Line, this flooring is the perfect grand entry way, hallway, living room or study. It’s so unique and adds the perfect touch of luxury wherever it goes.

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