We want our clients to make tile and wallpaper selections they love – not because “it’s the right thing to do” or “it’s safe”.  During a time where it feels like things are out of control and many are telling us what to do and what not to do…..we wanted to talk about you and making you happy – think of it like taking back a bit of control- even if it’s inside your home and a simple statement of color. 

Time after time, customers come in the showroom, look longingly at the colorful and patterned display tiles and say “I love it, but I can’t….” — it’s too bright, too bold, my friends say I shouldn’t, what if I want to sell my house and the new buyers don’t like it?!? And our personal favorite — I love it today, but what if I don’t love it 15 years from now???   We say — embrace color, texture, patterns and make selections that speak to you and not your subconscious. 

The options are bountiful – let’s start with color.  The 2020 Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue — bright and bold, a little moody, but very impactful; we have seen a large influx in shades of blue tile.  Along with Classic Blue, we have seen beautiful natural greens, shades of pinks, and deep reds that even in a small amount, change a room’s whole demeanor.   It’s a breath of fresh air to see a kitchen backsplash that expresses the homeowner’s personality – a colorful statement that brings joy every day. Think about a Powder Room that welcomes family and guests alike with a colorful surprise and a peek of whimsy or a strong, bold statement.

If making a strong color statement in your Master Bath makes you squirm but you’d love something beyond grey, white or beige, think about introducing what we like to call “hidden treasures”.  Doing a built in Niche or feature wall that only you can see when in the shower itself brings a personal statement in your shower and can make that space feel much more individualized to you.  One of our favorite places to tile in color is in the master water closet- an unexpected and fun way to show your “true colors”!   Wallpapering the inside of your bathroom or bedroom closet, just for your own enjoyment is another way to add a more personalized feel to your spaces.

Your fireplace surround is another great place to “express yourself”.  Colorfully printed, encaustic cement tile makes a contained statement in a small surround, or a full surround done in a dimensional tile that is bold and gorgeous.  Bringing color to an area like the fireplace will give you a way to shine within the perimeters of a defined space, and it can change the feeling in your entire living space with a subtle nod or a bigger “shout”.

One more super easy place to bring in a more specific and personalized tile is the laundry room.   It’s truly the place where our clients who want color and or pattern will place it, because it’s a space typically used by no one else but them.  What could be better than making laundry time bright, cheerful and filled with your favorite pattern or shapes?!?  We love the idea of shapes such as hexagons, squares and bricks on the floor with fun penny backsplashes and colorful, printed wallpapers in a room that will exude joy!

Our goal is not to give you hard and fast rules on tile, but to get you to think outside the box and make your space as happy and representative of who you and your family truly are.  Be creative, do things that make you smile and love the space that you’re in. If there’s one take away from this year, be true to who you are and embrace it big time – be happy!

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