Pumkin spice lattes aren’t the only sign that Fall is upon us – the colorful leaves and the cooler temperatures remind us that we are officially into Fall. With the change of season it feels like a good time to look at some of the most recent tile and interior design trends we are seeing. From the movement away from greys in the kitchen (and everywhere) to the updated version of a warm neutral, to the explosion in the popularity of green tile and cabinetry and beyond, we’ve got a few great things happening that we’d love to share.

Green With Envy: While we started seeing green as an option for kitchen cabinetry about a year or so ago, but now we’d say it’s official – Green is the new Grey or White. Cabinetry colors that range from shades of sage to bolder and darker greens are now common place, often using brass fixtures to highlight the beautiful tones. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in, and when used correctly, it is stunning. We are seeing the same for green tiles – kitchen backsplashes in soft greens are another big trend right now.

Green continues to be a popular choice in bathrooms as well – from accent walls and wainscoting to shower walls, it brings a bit of drama and moodiness to any space while still bringing that feeling of nature inside the room.


A Hidden Gem: The popularity of Onyx and Agate slabs has exploded off of vision boards and into real life application on shower walls and other areas. We are seeing these stones used for bar backsplashes and special feature walls throughout the home. The adoration for these stones has lead to Porcelains made to look like both Onyx and Agate. Coming in large formats like 24×48, 67×124 and other options, the porcelains give you an amazingly close to perfect look for a fraction of the cost of the full slabs.

Warming Things Up: Warm, earthy colors are back! Those that are in-the-know have been predicting this trend for years, and we are finally seeing mainstream design embracing the resurgence of beige. The shift to warmer colors isn’t an exact revival of the yellow hued beiges of the past (thankfully!) – today’s preferred warm tones have a greige or taupe undertone, which provides a more elegant, timeless aesthetic. Seamlessly complimenting a variety of styles, these hues provide a sense of calm in any space. Mixing textures and materials can add depth and dimension bringing some additional interest to your neutral space. Textures really help reinforce the organic feel most designers are envisioning when incorporating warmth into their projects.

Flower Power! The 70’s are back, people! Bold, colorful large format floral tiles that give a feeling of wallpaper are a huge trend right now. From super high end to mid and low priced options, you have a “bouquet” of options when it comes to patterns, colors, textures and finishes.