After living locked away all spring, most of us are looking to embrace warm weather and sunshine inside and outside of our homes in an effort to enjoy summer living all year long! When we think of years past and endless summers, we tend to think of Lake Homes and cottages on water that emit the old school ideas of oars, rope décor and lots of red, blue and yellow- there might even be a good bit of striping and possibly madras plaid.  Today that quintessential home no longer needs to be on the water and the colors have expanded from the old school classics (although we still love old school) to a wide range of tile and looks that emit a warm weather feeling.

Let’s start with the Classic Lake House.  We still love the blue idea, but it is no longer a theme.  Beautiful shades of blues, from pale sky blue to deep indigo- kitchen cabinets and islands as well as bathroom vanities seem to celebrate their freedom of color.  Along with the cabinet colors, we pull in tile that directly reflects the water and sky.  With beachy porcelain wood flooring, weathered Hexagons or fun patterned cements that are whimsical and make you smile every time your sandy feet walk across the floor! When this is all paired with a handmade tile (or tile that looks handmade) with uneven edges, undulation and color variation you find yourself in a wonderful space that you look forward to spending time in and it all lends a sense of casual living and easy care which is a summer essential in our book.

One last thought – we cannot forget about wallpaper in a lakehouse — the old school classics of sail boats, plaids or florals have given way to a whole new world of fun, breezey options that add that extra punch of color or whimsy you can only do in your lake house.

The country home seems to have a strong Summer feeling all of its own.  When your view is lush green fields and towering trees, we look to reflect that in some way on the inside and deck/patio living become our gateway.  The color green is an easy and unexpected way to pull in the outdoors all year long.  Forward tile trends show earthy tones such as soft yellows and oranges and pops of blue along with the base colors of warm greens and grays.  This gives a corridor to wood dimensional tile as a feature wall or a mosaic patterned clay that reflects warmth in its distressed edges revealing the clay base.  Truly an organic approach to an unfussy, but seriously comfortable style that is timeless…. 

The City Home adapts to a faster paced lifestyle and a more streamlined, sophisticated approach to Summer.  Think of unfussiness and clean lines, mirroring the linear feel of a cityscape and a great linen dress on a hot urban day.  Metal cabinets that reflect light or a wood grain cabinet that disappears entirely to make the focus on minimalism and elegant simplicity.  Large format porcelains with clean lines for flooring throughout an entire space with a full marble backsplash that keeps the look contemporary and classic at the same time.  

No matter where you live, the options and ideas are endless to bring Summer Living inside of your home.  Whatever your style and whatever evokes that sunny, warm feeling can be transferred into your home in unexpected and remarkable ways! 

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