Today, there is more variety in #tile design than ever before. The ability to take a simple tile and create a striking design by using a unique pattern can be the difference between blah and Ahhhh. There is also more choice in tile shapes, color and texture than in years past creating even more design options. A decade ago, tiles were typically focused on function not form — but today, a tiles aesthetic impact is just as important as their function. Below, we break down some of the latest and greatest in the use of pattern tile itself, or in the creative installation of tile, to help give you some new and innovative ideas for your space.

Hurray for Herringbone:

Herringbone is a classic tile pattern that has long been used on hardwood floors, but is making its mark in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors and shower walls in a variety of materials – ceramics, natural stones like marble and slate, as well as porcelains.

Essentially, a herringbone pattern is made up of rectangular tile pieces that meet at perfect straight edges to form a “zigzag” pattern. Because it uses rectangular tiles instead of angled tiles, the pattern will look broken or staggered, the result being an asymmetrical, eye-catching aesthetic.

One of our favorite ideas we’ve seen is the “jagged edge” finish of a herringbone laid tile. Forward in it’s thinking this design takes a room to the next level.

Go Bold or Go Home:

Whether on a floor or wall, a graphic pattern tile is the perfect way to draw attention to a specific area of the room. Either in soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colors the intricate patterns available really add a pop to a floor or wall application. Patterened tile comes in a variety of materials – most popular are cement (encaustic), terracotta and even porcelain. Cement and porcelain are great for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as showers/wet areas, and terracotta is a great option for any indoor dry floor or wall application. We are also seeing hexagons and even subways in prints and patterns so literally any wall or floor can get in on the pattern craze!

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